Please note: Short Saddle Rides are no longer available

Suitable for riders of varying ability/size, with steadier rides and mounts for the nervous novice and forward going horses for those wishing to experience the thrill of riding a REAL horse!!! Our Clydesdales are work horses that are built and trained to walk all day and this coupled with the terrain of Erewhon means our treks are only at walking pace. Despite their size the Clydesdales are gentle giants and perfect for people lacking confidence. They are very intelligent and know how to put a grin on people’s faces!

  • $100pp for the scenic hour trip.
  • Minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people.
  • Larger groups may be possible if experienced riders.
  • Longer rides are available on our Overnight Trek page

Bookings are essential for these activities. We run as booked but due to the busy farm schedule we require a minimum of one weeks’ notice for bookings, sometimes longer if we are away up the river mustering! Also note that this ride climbs up a hill and can be windy and cold even on clear days so dress for all seasons. Our good saddle horses are also our good work horses so are unavailable for saddle rides at various times of the year if fed up on chaff and in highly energetic work mode. Wagon rides are our main ride focus and will always take priority over saddle ride bookings.