Colin Drummond began breeding half draught horses over thirty years ago and has had his own Clydesdale stud for over twenty years. He purchased Erewhon in 1998 and steadily expanded the breeding operation in a bid to supply the station with horses. Colin bred Registered Clydesdales as well as crossing a light Stallion over registered Clydesdale mares to produced big bodied half draught mares with fine, clean bone and a deep barrel for their broodmare line.

Erewhon Station now runs a herd of around 20 broodmares as part of its elite station bred breeding programme. Over the years Colin has placed huge emphasis on his mares, building up a strong broodmare band carrying some of the country’s top Clydesdale bloodlines. One of the biggest advantages of breeding horses on a working high country station is that every mare they use to breed from has been broken in and ridden, and often used for ploughing and in the wagon team. They know which ones are good and if the progeny’s conformation or nature doesn’t measure up, they are not persevered with.

The stallions are put out with their mares in November each year. Some selected serves are done as well. Mares are scanned three weeks after being served.

Most of the young horses at Erewhon have been well handled by Steve Houston. As yearlings and 2yr olds they are taught to lead and tie up, have their feet handled, trimmed and a drench programme. The young horses are run together over sown hill country blocks for most of the year. They get experience crossing rivers and climbing steep terrain. Having run on the hills the young horses are good on their feet and have strong hindquarters.

Colin has always had a strong focus on breeding good free moving horses with the ability to work. Horses are vital at Erewhon and are used for all aspects of Station work. A six or eight horse team is used in the wagon to transport supplies to the back huts for the musters. This work team is also used to cultivate the paddocks. The Clydesdale stud is now well established and you can see them competing at the Christchurch Show and at the Horse of the Year.

With their half and quarter draught horses Colin believes in breeding Blood over Bone (Thoroughbred type Stallions over Clydesdale bloodline Mares). They have proved that this cross consistently produces horses with constitution, athletic ability and full siblings that are as even as peas in a pod. They are also kind with willing natures and their markings are often striking blazes and white socks. Colin believes there will always be a market for great looking athletic horses that you can turn out for weeks or months at a time then bring them back into work with no fuss. Erewhon Station produces quality horses to suit a wide range of riders at realistic prices. [Some excerpts taken from Horse and Pony Magazine October 06 “The Long Road to Erewhon” – Annie Studholme]


We generally have a number of purebred and crossbred foals for sale each year. We will advertise them around February for pre-sales and they are available at weaning time in May. Mixture of breeding (refer to photos & above) out of big bodied half draught mares with fine, clean bone. The mares have been solidly worked on the station and have had to prove they have excellent conformation, constitution and temperament before being bred from. Foals have been hill/river run and really know how to use their bodies. Details & images will be available on this link.
We do have the occasional broken in horse for sale from time to time if they don’t upgrade to being a toey leader in our team after a season or two. Usually this is because they are too quiet & slow, so are ideal for people wanting proven reliable horses who are very versatile.

Testimonial - Erewhon Bert

In December 2009 our family was incredibly lucky to be able to purchase Erewhon Bert; an eight year old registered Clydesdale Gelding. He arrived at home just prior to Christmas and very quickly became a much loved and extremely valued member of our family.
In the short time that Bert has been with us he has attended several shows including the North Island Clydesdale Championship Show and Horse of the Year. Our 9 year old daughter has delighted in successfully riding and leading Bert (near on 18hh) at shows and Paul has also successfully competed Bert in varied working classes.
The invaluable experience that Bert obtained at Erewhon is undeniable. He is a steady rock and has introduced our young stallion to pairs work in the sledge and wagon. In addition to his working experience is also a delight to ride and handle and has been on family outings to the beach, forest, orienteering and even become a stand in pony club mount!

In short we wouldn't hesitate in recommending Erewhon Clydesdale's and are absolutely elated with Bert ~ Paul and Bobbie Stroobant (18 May 2010)