There is lots to see and do on your way to Erewhon including some of the following attractions:

Drive – The road to Erewhon (Map Page) is a scenic drive into the mountains past high country rivers and lakes. You can see an awful lot from the road but once you reach the Erewhon stables at the end of the road only booked people can go through those gates.

Fishing – There are actually no fish in the Clyde River as it is so flood prone, but a few minutes back down the road the Rangitata has fishing options or Lake Camp and Lake Clearwater 25 minutes back down the road from us.

Flights – Archie at Air Rangitata can land his plane on our airstrip and pick you up for a scenic flight up into the glaciers. Or there are several Helicopter operators who can land beside the Erewhon woolshed to take guests to the sky.

Hakatere Conservation Park – covers nearly 60,000 hectares of rugged mountain country, tussocklands, beech forest and sparkling clear rivers and lakes between two mighty rivers the Rakaia and Rangitata. Find out more.

Hakatere historic buildings – The Historic stone cottage at Hakatere Station is possibly Mid Canterbury’s oldest building, dating from 1862.The buildings include an original stone cottage dating from 1862, believed to be one of the best examples of its kind, along with early wooden shearer’s quarters and cookshop. Find out more.

Lakes Clearwater and Camp – Both are glacially formed lakes. The village of holiday baches first started as a collection of fishing and duck shooting cribs in 1925. Lake Clearwater is popular for windsurfing, sailing and rowing, with no power boats allowed and plenty of brown trout and perch. It is also an important wildlife refuge with the rare and endangered Great Crested Grebe and many other species. Lake Camp being much warmer is popular with water skiers and swimmers.

Hunting –There are DOC hunting blocks up the heads of the valleys that public can access so long as they; have a DOC Permit, ask our permission, fill in the intentions book and are very clear on the DOC vs. Erewhon boundaries.

Lord of the Rings – Mt Sunday which was Edoras in the second Lord of the Rings film is 10 minutes’ drive back down the road. It was the home of the Rohan riders and you can park at the carpark, and then take a 35 minute walk to the summit. The end of the Jumped up Downs at Erewhon was where they filmed a small scene with Aragorn on horseback. Looking across the Rangitata from Erewhon you will see Black Mountain gully which was used as a base for the Computer generated image of Helms Deep, the site of the big battle scene.

Mount Potts Station – neighbouring farm that used to be run in conjunction with Erewhon. Mt Potts has a lodge with a restaurant and accommodation. They run the Potts ski field in winter time but it’s primarily heli skiing as advanced slopes.

Rafting – Rangitata Rafts is a white water rafting adventure company. Actually 1.5 hours from Erewhon by road but our place is the headwaters of the mighty Rangitata braided river.

Riding – We can offer Wagon or Saddle Rides with our team of lovely Clydesdale and Crossbred horses.

Food – Stronechrubie High Country Cuisine and Chalets in Mt Somers. Erewhon was originally called Stronechrubie until the 1930’s, so we love the name link with this local restaurant. Sean is an award winning chef and Madeline a fantastic host so well worth stopping here. Find out more.

Stargazing – The night sky is amazingly clear here so look to the stars for celestial delights.