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Looking for a Unique Experience? How About a Trip to Nowhere?

Erewhon Station is a picturesque 35000 acre sheep & beef property nestled right amongst the Southern Alps of NZ. This Country provided a magnificent backdrop for the Lord of the Rings movie “The Two Towers”. Edoras, the capital of Rohan, was located on Mt Sunday at neighbouring Mt Potts Station.

The Station includes a large Clydesdale Horse Stud and we endeavour to use horses instead of vehicles. The work team are used regularly on the Station to do the cultivating work and in the wagon. We can tailor a Clydesdale experience for you ranging from a 1 hour wagon ride to a genuine NZ high country saddle or wagon adventure to our private hut in the mountains. Stay in our homestead or come for an interesting group day trip.

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7 months ago

Erewhon Station Horse Stud

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Laura Ferrington

Nathan Boots let’s go!!!

Dee Pascoe

Heidi Upton this is it!

Chantelle this would be something a bit different!

Katy Brayford

Bailey Mitchell

Kyla shame you arent keen on horses

Kirsty Woolsey

This would be amazing.

Lisa Mcdonald πŸ˜€

Rachel Dew !!!

Nikki Parrish πŸ˜„

Ren Aye

Olivia Rhodes?

Woody Milne

Annabel Cameron

Kalan NZ Kalan Lee Selwyn Wells Kalan Wells tag ur mum

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Should we move again Cameron Dawson??

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7 months ago

Erewhon Station Horse Stud

***SOLD***2.5yo Purebred Gelding "Erewhon Stephen" by Erewhon Murphy out of Taungatara Rochelle. We leased his mother (a cracker work horse) to breed Stephen as an outcross Colt for the future. However, he has inherited his fathers build so recently got the snip. His sire is more of a 1/2 draught type but has exceptional movement so this fella will make a really nice pleasure horse for someone. Basic Handling $3000+gst3 Purebred Clydesdales and 1 8yo Half Draught Gelding. Descriptions in the Albums.

Update: Mack is Sold. I will post description of Erewhon Mack as a seperate note as think its too big beside the pictures.

Update: Solly is Sold. Link to Notes on 8yo Half Draught Gelding Solly below:

Genuine enquiries to, no dreamers and timewasters please, we are very busy people!

Crossbred foals for sale in the separate album.
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New pony Nina πŸ˜‚

Pa Nagle 😍😍😍😍

Emma Wheeler it's Mackenzie that lead us on our trek 😊

Jeannet Penney buy the road one of these!!!

Rose & Russell Scott?

Karla Robinson


How tall is Stephen now? And roughly how high would he be? πŸ˜€


Love, love , love ! Beautiful pics xxx

Peter Springford

Sarah Felicity Jane Cox😁

Interested! Will pm you

Margot Balfour

Awesome photos of awesome horses

Donna Kennedy Claire Hagan

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7 months ago

Erewhon Station Horse Stud

Β½ Draught UNHANDLED Crossbred foals (5) for sale. Mixture of breeding (refer to photos) out of big bodied half draught mares with fine, clean bone. The mares have been solidly worked on the station and have had to prove they have excellent conformation, constitution and temperament before being bred from. Foals have been hill/river run and really know how to use their bodies.

We strongly believe in blood over bone breeding including the successful like type to like type that we are using with our stunning half draught colt β€˜Mike’. Mike is a 4yo homebred 1/2 draught Colt out of the classy Erewhon Maggie (Purebred Clydesdale) and by Zed (Purebred TB stallion by Zabeel). Mike has incredible nature, movement and very correct conformation.. when his feet are trimmed! I really must prioritise getting some better pictures of him, but he is truly eye-catching and everyone loves him.

The foals are for sale UNHANDLED and will be available mid May 2018. Full payment will secure the option for suitable homes. The foals will be weaned early May and are unavailable for viewing until then when we bring them home off their summer country up the river. But please note previous year’s most have sold sight unseen.

The foals are being sold unhandled but we organise basic handling with our trainer at purchasers cost. Sire pictures at end of album with more to come. Note the photos are free range, unedited and a mixture of ages as some foaled quite late in the season.

Genuine enquiries to, no dreamers and timewasters please, we are very busy people!

Three Clydesdales and an 8yo half draught gelding are for sale in the separate album.
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Teri Muirhead

Bridget Henderson Beth Henderson

Jill Hendrie 😍

Callum Evans we should invest in one

Sarah Adams shall I?

Kawhia Chambers here is a challenge for you 😁 could be our next star

Kathy Hansell πŸ˜„

Nina 😁

Your horses are absolutely lovely 😊

Bridget Emerson

I have emailed you

Debbie Knapp

Was just thinking yesterday yous must have some for sale soon 😍😍😍😍

Anj Mugford

Phoebe Ellis......

Luke Wyatt

Sorry for my ignorance. But what does Gisborne bred mean? Is that referring to a particular area in Gisborne or the breed say what we call the Maori ponies that are wild up around East coast/ Ruatoria?

Angela McLennan πŸ™ˆ

Georgina Block 😍😍😍😍

Which one are you buying for Steve - Angela McLennan

Jenna Borthwick baby Tussock

Jade Taylor

Tracey Leitch


Matt Thomson can't stop the want

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